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Just one more ask (as I don't really know many more people who watch Rick and Morty) - what are some of your favorite aspects about the show?


Oh gosh I’m sorry it took me so long to finally answer this I’ve been really busy with my classes and stuff but hell yeah I’d love to talk about this. LONG ASS POST AHEAD SORRY!!!

One thing that I really like about this show is the way they go about the characters. There are debates on weather or not this show is more character-driven or more situationally-driven and I feel that it’s a pretty decent combination of both. The situations that drive the characters into action are most of the time because of something a character did. But anyways, the character development…

Even when a character stands flat (as in we don’t know much about them yet but they’re there all the time) they still write them intelligent enough in such a way that it leaves you still wanting to learn more about them. Most shows I’ve seen have flat characters that you just see as flat. Beth, for example, is currently a “flat” character and so is Summer and Jerry. (though Jerry we know more about than the other two) but the two of them are just developed enough through their actions and reactions to things that we’re hinted at more than what is confirmed. I know like Beth is so cut-short and mostly angry-at-life, but we really want to know more about her and how she reached that level of doubt. The only thing we really know about her is that she was a teen mom and that Rick left her family when you was younger. I know there’s more to her character than that, it takes a lot to break someone so strong (because I feel she has potential for some really strong and detailed backstories) and it’s the same with Jerry, though he sort of drops little bit of his history here and there over the course of season 1. 

And then there’s Morty. Holy christ I think I can literally write and entire essay on his character alone. (I think I made a post all about him back in like January that was like really long) I’m not about to re-write that entire thing, but the gist of it was how he is the “stupid” character with all the learning disabilities and is anything but school-smart, but is the constant source and voice of reason in the show. He takes on all these responsibilities of situations that aren’t his own, and lives his life basically based off of the influences of those around him. He has a serious case of depression but still pushed forward and takes everything on. He’s far from perfect, but he does so much that hardly anyone really realizes how much they need him. and he’s “the slow one” I see a lot of myself in his character too on a personal note. I grew up with more than a few LDs and struggled a serious amount with school growing up, and among other things I can just relate and confirm that he is a wonderful example of accurate representation for someone who struggles with himself and his LDs, but doesn’t let that define him. He’s a different kind of intelligence, more emotionally so, than anyone else in the entire cast. As I said before, I could very easily write a paper on him alone, but I think I’ll stop here. 

As for Rick, well….we actually know very little about him. How did he get involved with all this? Why did he suddenly leave for like 20 years? Why does he really need Morty there if he’s proven he can clearly handle himself time and time again? What made him come back? Where was he all this time? Was he missing or where there people who knew where he was? What happened while he was gone that drove him so low into his alcoholism? “Wubalubadubdub” literally means “I am in great pain, please help me” in that other space language. What is REALLY his deal?

He’s one of those “flat” characters I mentioned before, but is also the other protagonist whose actions basically drive the show that we have no choice but to question about. We see a lot of his character through his actions and how he handles things, but we KNOW so very little. We know more about Beth than we do about Rick. First of all, most of his character development has been pretty negative when you look at it in reality. He’s a cold and angry drunk who puts others in danger and treats Morty like absolute garbage for the majority of the show. Even though he does care about him, god forbid he EVER lets it show. Even when he does things that PROVE his love for Morty is real, Morty is never around to see it so as far as he’s concerned, Rick could give a flying fuck less if he lives or dies. He’s driven Morty to tears with this abuse in canon. That’s not exactly how you treat someone you actually honestly care deeply about, now is it? My gut tells me he wasn’t always like this, but honestly, that’s another thing that pulls me into this show.

The writing that goes into this show is amazing too, for me. They’ve somehow managed to take comedy, and be really funny with it, and evenly mix it with serious life problems and real issues people face in real life. Examples being things such as growing up as teenagers who are lead to feel that their broken family doesn’t love them, broken family dynamics in general, anxiety, living with depression and learning disorders, being bullied in school, flawed educational systems, that there are different types and levels of intelligence, that everyone has problems, how things such as abuse and assault are NOT to be taken lightly and are NOT to be joked about. They’ve called out ablism and harmful ways of thinking. They had a whole sequence in an episode where Summer and Rick went around beating up white-supremacists, animal abusers, bullies, anti-LGBT protestors, con artists, ect. Also, how even if a family is broken beyond repair, there’s still love floating around somewhere at some point. That no one belongs anywhere and that we’re all just thrown into this world on our own, and how it’s ok not to be ok. All of these things we’ve actually SEEN in action in ONLY THE FIRST SEASON ALONE…..and it is still one of the funniest fucking shows out there I’ve busted a gut over these episodes at the same time. 

like holy shit ok it’s just good writing like wow. It’s funny, deals with real issues, and is both equally character and situationally driven. Ask me again why I love this show so much….there’s more that I could get into but I’m gonna cut it off here because this thing is already like 2 pages long so…anyways I hope this answered your question! I’m only one person after all and can’t speak for anyone but myself here, but this is my 2¢ on the matter. 

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